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2023-2024 SCHEDULE


9:00-10:45      Algebra 1 (Swann)

11:00-12:00    MathCounts (Swann)

11:00-12:45    Foundation of Upper-Level Language Arts (Price)
12:30-2:15      Prealgebra (Swann)

2:30-4:15        Geometry (Swann)

9:00-10:45      Geometry (Swann) 
11:00-12:45    Algebra 2 (Swann)

1:30-3:15        PostCalculus (Swann)
3:30-4:30        Varsity Math Club

9:00-10:45      Calculus (Swann) 

11:00-12:00  JV Math Club (Swann)

12:30-2:15      Precalculus (Swann)

2:30-4:15      Algebra 1  (Swann)


Classes for the fall semester will wrap up on December 18th.   Classes will resume on January 4th. We will take off the week of April 1-5 for spring break, as well as the 14th of March for the math contest at WCU.  Our last class of the semester will be on May 6th.   

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