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2023-2024 SCHEDULE


9:00-10:45      Algebra 1 (Swann)

11:00-12:00    MathCounts (Swann)

11:00-12:45    Foundation of Upper-Level Language Arts (Price)
12:30-2:15      Prealgebra (Swann)

2:30-4:15        Geometry (Swann)

9:00-10:45      Geometry (Swann) 
11:00-12:45    Algebra 2 (Swann)

1:30-3:15        PostCalculus (Swann)
3:30-4:30        Varsity Math Club

9:00-10:45      Calculus (Swann) 

11:00-12:00  JV Math Club (Swann)

12:30-2:15      Precalculus (Swann)

2:30-4:15      Algebra 1  (Swann)


Classes for the fall semester will start on August 21, and meet weekly until December 18th.  We will take off Labor Day and the full week of Thanksgiving.  Classes will resume on January 4th.  Details for the spring semester schedule will be announced later in the fall semester.

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