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What are your contingency plans if in-person classes aren't possible?  

All bRAINMAKER math classes and clubs are taught through a hybrid format, with most students in our physical classroom and the rest joining us through Zoom. Most students elect to attend classes in person, but for those who find traveling to our classroom weekly impossible, full time zoom participation is an option.  You can also elect to join via Zoom in the event that you need to travel or if your local weather conditions make commuting unsafe.


Which math class should I enroll my child in?

Placement at bRAINMAKER depends on when your students is joining us, where she is in her studies, and her strength in math. If you are concerned about proper placement, contact Dr. Swann for guidance.


How do your math classes differ from those taught at schools?

You may have already noticed, bRAINMAKER does not follow the Common Core used in NC public schools. We use the classical division of mathematics, of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II -- usually in that order -- which mostly correspond to Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3. However, it is not uncommon for our students to dual-enroll in Geometry and Algebra II as there is virtually no overlap. 

What happens when my child completes Calculus?  

Many of our students complete Calculus with a year or two of highschool remaining. These students may elect for our Postcalculus class, and many elect to dual-enroll at UNCA or one of the community colleges, where they advance to Calculus II, Calculus III and so on. Most of those students opt to remain in our Varsity Math Club and continue to compete. 

What resources are available if my child is struggling?  

Dr. Swann, and a fair number of our advanced students, are available for private tutoring for an additional fee. 

What can you tell me about the culture at bRAINMAKER?  

Every family has a story or a rationale for why they have chosen to homeschool their child(ren). bRAINMAKER welcomes all of them. Our goal is to create a safe space where students can embrace the beauty of mathematics and foster a love of learning through discovery, hard work, and being surrounded by an enthusiastic community.  Our students quickly learn that we are not a homogenous group. Bullying and harassment are not tolerated, and incidents of either are extraordinarily rare.  

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