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MathCounts: $40/month

Mondays 11:00-12:00, September through March
Open to all middle schoolers & ambitious younger students

The Asheville Homeschool MathCounts Club  was founded in 2004 to offer all local homeschooled middle school students the opportunity to pursue competition mathematics in a fun group setting. Students in the MathCounts club play math and logic games, work challenging problems, and learn advanced topics and problem solving strategies. In addition to our weekly intra-club competitions, our students participate in the American Mathematics Competition 8, the NC State Mathematics Contest,  and the MathCounts regional and state-level competitions. 

Recent MathCounts Wins

2024 1st Place Team  Chapter Contest (1st place finish for Asher Johnson, 4th place finish for Ezra Szobody)


2023 State MathCounts Contest  9th place finish for Asher Johnson


2023 2nd Place Team Chapter Contest (1st place finish for Asher Johnson)

2022 1st Place Team Chapter Contest  (1st, 3rd, and 4th place finishes for Asher Johnson, Eva Swann, and Myra Szobody, respectively)

2021Chapter Contest  (6th place individual finish for Eva Swann and 9th place for River Riley)

2020 1st Place Team Chapter Contest  (1st place individual finish for Elias Szobody, 5th for Reagan Wilkinson, and 7th for Julian Nejezchleb.

2019 3rd Place Team Chapter Contest  (6th place individual finish for  Elias Szobody, and 7th for Luke Aiello.

2018 1st Place Team Chapter Contest   Elijah Fleming 1st, Elias Szobody 7th, Smythe Lewis 8th

JV Math Club: $40/month

Thursdays 11:00-12:15 
Open to students who have completed Algebra I.

Our JV Math Club is designed for students in the Geometry and Algebra II level that have completed Intensive Training.  In this club we work hard problems, play games, and discuss advanced topics, all while laying the foundation for success in the more competitive high school math contests. Participants should plan on 2-3 hours of homework per week.

Varsity Math Club: $40/month

Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 
Open to students who have completed Pre-Calculus.

In our Varsity Math Club, students prepare for and compete in regional and national competitions, including the Wylie Math Contest at Furman University, the AMC 12, and the Annual NC Regional and State exams. Advanced students also prepare for ARML level competition. In addition to our competition prep, we also discuss any and all math concepts that come up in the course of our meetings.  In particular, we are likely to cover advanced equation solving, mathematical modeling, matrix algebra, and a variety of advanced concepts students would see as a college math major.   

Recent JV & Varsity Wins

2023 GA Tech Reagan Wilkinson finished 15th on Multiple Choice Round and 1st overall on Proofwriting Finals!!


2023 NC State Math Contest 3rd Place Team, with Reagan Wilkinson, Asher Johnson, and Elias Szobody finishing 9th, 23rd, and 30th respectively.

2023 MAPP Puzzle Challenge 1st Place Team.

2023 WCU Contest 1st place team awards in comprehensive with individual honors awarded to David Fleming (1st) Asher Johnson (2nd), Elias Szobody (4th), Reagan Wilkinson (5th), and Josiah Szobody (8th).   

2023 College of Charleston Math Meet 2nd Place Team Level 3, 4th Place individual for Asher Johnson.  5th Place individual finish for David Fleming.  2nd place finish in Team Brainstorming. 


2022 WCU Contest 1st place team awards in comprehensive and level 3.  3rd place finish in level 1.  In the comprehensive exam, individual honors were awarded to Asher Johnson (tied, 1st) and Elias Szobody (tied, 1st), Reagan Wilkinson (4th), and David Fleming (7th).   Level 3 individual awards by Myra Szobody (tied, 2nd) and Eva Swann (tied, 2nd). 

2022 Furman University Wylie Math Contest  1st place team award in small schools division.

2022 College of Charleston Math Meet 4th Place Team Level 3, 8th Place individual for Elias Szobody.  4th Place individual finish in level 2 for Asher Johnson.  1st Place in Varsity Team Elimination.

2022 MAPP Puzzle Challenge 2nd Place Team.


2021 College of Charleston Math Meet: 3rd Place Team Level 3 Division (8th place individual finish for Kenan Wood, 11th for Asher Nejezchleb). 4th Place Team Level 1 Division (6th place for Asher Johnson).  

2020 College of Charleston Math Meet: 2nd Place Team Level 3 Division (4th place individual finish for Elijah Fleming, 5th for Zach Bobbitt, and 8th for Asher Nejezchleb). 2nd Place Team Level 1 Division (7th place for Reagan Wilkinson and 8th for David Fleming).  

2020 MaPP Puzzle Challenge: 1st Place Team, for the second year in a row with another perfect score, and 4th Place Team. 

2019 NC Math Contest: 5th Place Team state-wide!

2019 GA Tech: 5th Place Team (9th place individual finish for Asher Nejezchleb, 10th for Zach Bobbitt, and 12th for Elijah Fleming. 

2019 WCU Math Contest: 1st Place Team Comprehensive Division (2nd for Asher Nejezchleb, 3rd for Zach Bobbitt, 4th for Niko Rush, and 6th (tied) for Catherine Roberts, and Elijah Fleming.) 2nd Place Team Level 2 Division (3rd place  for Elias Szobody).

2019 Furman University Wylie Math Tournament: 1st Place Team Senior Division (7th place individual for Zach Bobbitt, 1st place in ciphering for Elijah Fleming, Asher Nejezchleb and Catherine Roberts.) 5th place individual finish for Kenan Wood in the Junior Division

2019 College of Charleston Math Meet: 2nd Place Team (5th place individual finish for Zach Bobbitt) in the coveted team written contest.

2019 MaPP Puzzle Challenge: 1st Place Team with a perfect score!

Intensive Training Club: $40/month

Monday 11:00-12:15 

By invitation

Our Intensive Training Club is a focused, rigorous program designed to help young math students push themselves far beyond the standard math curriculum .  During our weekly sessions, we delve deeply into number theory, counting theory, probability, and many other topics that are crucial to success in advanced math but do not really fit in the traditional educational progression.  We discuss strategies for solving longer, more complicated problems and develop sophisticated logic and proof concepts.  In addition to weekly meetings, students are expected to complete 2-3 hours per week of homework.  

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