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Math Tutoring: $15-$90/hour 

Contact Dr. Swann for an appointment:

Regardless of your math tutoring needs, bRAINMAKER tutors are here to help.  Whether you need tutoring support for a traditional school class, SAT math help, or highly tailored individual instruction, we have tutors to meet your needs. 

Math Curriculum Consulting: $90/hour 

Contact Dr. Swann for an appointment:

While homeschooling offers a wonderful level of flexibility when it comes to curriculum choice and academic options, choosing the right math curriculum can be an overwhelming experience. Through a curriculum consultation, Dr. Swann can explain the available options, help choose the curriculum most appropriate to your situation, and map out a plan for your future math studies. This can also include advice on teaching math at home and overcoming the challenges that arise in the process of homeschooling math.

Homeschool Counseling: $60/initial consultation, $30/hour thereafter 

Contact Cybele Hetherington for an appointment:   -  828-215-2002 

Cybele Hetherington has 20 years of experience as a homeschool educator, organizer, and mentor. Customized services include: referrals to local educational and enrichment resources, transcript building, curricula comparison, standardized testing planning, and dual- enrollment strategies, all designed to optimize each homeschooler's needs and goals.

College Counseling: $100/initial consultation, $40/hour thereafter 

Contact Cybele Hetherington for an appointment:  -  828-215-2002

Specifically adapted to homeschooled students, Cybele Hetherington's college counseling services provide customized support and strategic advice throughout the entire application process. College-bound students and their families will have access to ongoing, personalized assistance in all aspects of the application(s):

  • Transcript Creation & GPA Calculation

  • Individualized College Matching

  • Expert Editing of Personal Statements

  • Strategic Resume Building

  • Guidance Through Financial Aid Procedures

  • In-depth Scholarship Search

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