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The highest quality math education available in WNC.


CONGRATULATIONS our Varsity Math Team: Third Place team award at the NC State Math Contest. In particular Reagan Wilkinson, who finished 9th in the state. Reagan Wilkinson, who finished first in the proofwriting competition at the GATech Math Contest. Asher Johnson on his 10th place overall finish at the State MathCounts competition 


bRAINMAKER is now pleased to offer homeschool and college counseling services with Cybele Hetherington. Mom to four older homeschooled kids and a teacher herself, Cybele is well-versed in all things homeschool: registering with the state, creating a transcript, utilize both local and online resources, and applying to college.

Here at bRAINMAKER, our mission is to offer the highest quality math education available in Western North Carolina. Our classes and clubs are designed to help students build a rigorous math foundation, while fostering an appreciation for the beauty and elegance of mathematics. We have created a supportive community of students and teachers in which everyone can expand their love and mastery of math.

bRAINMAKER programs include academic math classes for homeschool students, competitive math clubs, college counseling and curriculum consultation services, and math tutoring for any struggling student -- homeschooled or not.

rainmaker: n. An individual who possesses an exceptional ability to create change in the world.


"Throughout the first year of working towards a mechanical engineering degree, I have thought over and over how well Dr. Swann prepared me for the rigorous coursework involved. Not only did his classes prepare me for the math portion of engineering, they taught me good study habits, how to ask questions, how to work through hard problems on tests, and so many other things that I attribute to my success in college."

-Abby McConnell, student

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